Trina competing in her first postpartum competition at the 2018 MBS Turkey Challenge!

Trina competing in her first postpartum competition at the 2018 MBS Turkey Challenge!

Kate is a key part of my postpartum recovery team following the birth of my second child. Kate is the answer to the daunting question of “what the heck do I do to get back to doing WODs the way I used to do them before pregnancy.” Every postpartum CrossFitting woman needs a coach like Kate.

Kate assesses your unique postpartum needs and helps you develop a highly individualized recovery strategy so that you can participate in the programming at your own box armed with knowledge on not just what to modify, but how to modify to be most effective for your personal recovery. It’s so much more than (and better than) “do this not that.” Kate provides highly individualized assessments and strategy to restrengthen and avoid injury.

Kate helped me figure out how to properly activate my core starting with basic and then moving on to more complex CrossFit movements in order to continually strengthen my core and feel supported through all my postpartum changes and recovery. She helped me figure out when I was ready to reintegrate more complex movements, try heavier weights, and dial up my intensity. She was also there to provide guidance in navigating any postpartum symptoms (pain, incontinence, feeling weak in my core) that inevitably arise as you ramp back up into CrossFit and incorporate additional movements or more intensity.

I’m 10 months postpartum now and already I can tell that some of the breathing and activation strategies that I’ve learned through Kate are paying huge dividends. I was on bed rest the last 4 months of my pregnancy. I recently did my first CrossFit competition at 9.5 months postpartum. Not only did I feel confident in my ability to compete because I had discussed competition strategy with Kate beforehand, but I ended up with top scores in the L sit and broad jump events. If you’ve ever been postpartum, you know how scary and daunting those two movements can be.  I credit my success to working with Kate and implementing the strategies that she helped me develop.

Working with Kate, I have felt confident to walk into any WOD at my box and know what I am capable of and how I should approach it. Her coaching and guidance is based on constant athlete feedback and communication as you recover, regain strength, and are able to take on more intensity. Inevitably your postpartum recovery will involve two steps forward and one step back. Kate is there to help you navigate that.

CrossFit Athlete and Regionals Competitor- Trina Ruhland


I’ve always had incontinence problems, especially after having my two children and in this workshop I learned why this was happening and I know that I am not the only woman who’s suffering from  these problems. 
I want to thank Kate Johnson  for being an incredible coach and a very special person, She and Gina gave us very good tips which I am already putting into practice in my exercises. Yesterday  I ran two miles and just by following their breathing advice I can say that it is the first time I ran without urgency to go to the bathroom or having a leaking accident. Thank you very much for all this valuable information. I recommend this workshop to any woman of any age. I learned a lot and I’m very thankful for that.

Sylvia, CrossFit Athlete and Mom


Kate’s Pelvic Floor and Core Workshop was one of the most insightful, eye opening seminars I’ve ever been to. Her knowledge of how to not only adapt workouts for pelvic floor issues, but to also heal and fix those problems, is unbelievable.

This is a field of fitness that requires proper care and healing through knowledge and a lot of passion from a coach to lead you to success – Kate is able to give all of this and more. Not only is Kate an amazing coach for all levels of fitness, she also understands how personal and intricate these issues can be and she is extremely well-equipped to help you regain control of your body by developing a truly strong core and pelvic floor.

As a male CrossFit coach, the knowledge that I gained about the predominately female issues in this workshop has elevated my ability to help women succeed where they have previously been physically and emotionally lost. Pelvic floor issues are extremely common with female athletes, so any coach that truly cares about their athletes should be very eager to get to one of Kate’s workshops and educate themselves as soon as possible.

Kyle - Head Coach and Owner Double Diamond CrossFit