Let’s Work Together!

Did you know that most trainers and coaches have little to no training or education working with pregnant and/or postpartum moms?

That’s where I am here to help!

I’ve been the athlete in pain, confused, and scared about how to navigate fitness during pregnancy and postpartum. The advice of listening to my body and doing what I’ve always done was not enough information for me to understand the HOW and WHAT I needed during this season of my life.

Before I began my ongoing education and certifications in Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism I also said these same things as a coach… I wish I knew as an athlete and coach what I know now.

It’s my mission to help and support women during this chapter of our fitness so there is no longer any more “I wish I would have knowns”…


As a certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Coach I have experience and the resources available to help bridge the gap between your doctor and your current coaches/trainers/programming to help support you during this season of your athleticism. There are so many considerations and I am here to help and guide you every step of the way!

I help moms with:

  • Diastasis Recti

  • Incontinence

  • Prolapse

  • Pelvic Pain

  • General pregnancy considerations and movement modifications

  • General postpartum considerations, progression, and modifications

  • Finding movement that resonates and supports YOU and YOUR goals!

Working out during this time of our lives should SUPPORT us now during pregnancy and later after baby. Postpartum is forever- so if you have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am here with you to help support and guide you!

I’ve worked with:

  • CrossFit Regionals level athletes

  • Olympic Weightlifters

  • Moms who just want to pick up their kids without pain

If you are serious about your fitness, want an experienced pre/postnatal coach as a part of your team, and want to set yourself up for long term strength, function, and performance then I am the right coach with the right program for you.


Let’s get started!

Step 1: Schedule your complimentary strategy call!

This is a FREE video call to discuss goals, services, and more about what you’re specifically looking for!

Are you a CrossFitter, a mom who loves to lift, or someone just wanting to know how to get started? Let’s chat together!

Contact me below to book your FREE 15- minute discovery call and we can discuss the specifics about your concerns or needs so that we can customize an option right for you to meet you where you are!

Services I currently offer:

Option 1: Online or In Person Consultation (30-60 minutes)

This is a popular place to start and I honestly love it! We can meet up locally at CrossFit Helix or I’ve been able to connect with moms all over the world through an online app called ZOOM, where we chat via video! How cool is that?!

Prior to the consultation I send you a health history questionnaire so that I can be prepared for our call together.

This is a great place to start if you have questions about:

  • how to modify your existing programming

  • foundations of core and pelvic floor considerations

  • questions about diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse, or pelvic pain

  • a general assessment with feedback on breathing, alignment, and pressure management

  • other general questions to help you build awareness during this season of our life

Rates start at $55 for 30 minutes and $80 for 60 minutes

Option 2: 1:1 Remote Coaching and/or Programming

(4 week commitment- custom options available)

Let’s customize a program that is right for you!

I offer the ability to modify existing box programming, create accessory programming (think postpartum pullup strength and extra core/glute work!), or completely create a program specific to you! I help answer your questions along the way, trouble shoot any concerns, and provide assessment and progressive movements that help build long term strength, function, and performance (in and out of the gym) for you.

  1. Custom Programming AND Remote/Hybrid Coaching:

    I will design a custom plan based on YOUR level of fitness, goals, and individual pregnancy & postpartum considerations. I offer custom programming plans through the True Coach app! Your custom program will be seamlessly delivered to you each week for 4 weeks at which time you can decide if you want to continue. Each week is tailored to you, the time and equipment you have, with videos and instructions on how to navigate movements, core & pelvic floor concerns, and more!

    A consultation must be done prior to the start of this program. If you know you’d already like to purchase a program the consult will be included at the start of the program to assess movement, answer questions, and make sure I have all the information I need to help you get started on building your foundation for long term strength, function, and performance.

    Depending on the level of customization that you’d like we will check in as little or as often as you need with ongoing video assessment, messaging, and even direct text access can be made available!

    This is the program I wish I had as mom returning to fitness postpartum so I am creating it for YOU!

  2. Remote Coaching only:

    If you prefer to keep your existing gym programming, I will send you modifications with detailed descriptions for movements so that you can continue to workout with your gym! This is a 4 week commitment and an hour long consultation will be included at the start to ensure we have a clear plan moving forward. I will provide assessments of your movement done by video and we will communicate through a private Facebook group so that I can be an essential part of YOUR team! For additional months a 30 minute consultation will be done at the beginning of the month.

Online coaching is much more affordable than in person! It’s flexible for your schedule and for a fraction of the cost of in person you can purchase my online or hybrid coaching packages that include:

  • Custom workouts

  • Video assessments

  • Weekly check ins with direct access to me

  • Accessory Programing as needed

  • Existing programming modifications

  • Additional questions as needed

I WISH I could have had this so that is why I am making myself available to YOU. No one should feel alone, lost, or confused. WE ARE A TEAM and mama I have your back.

Rates vary depending on package selected but generally start at $197 per 4 weeks for programming modifications, accessory programming, and communication with me multiple times per week! For more in depth programming packages, assessment, and communication options a package and quote will be designed for you after your initial discovery call.

I believe that there should be customization because each woman is unique as to what she needs during this time and I always want to meet you where you are.

Option 3: Hybrid Coaching

Please contact me if you would like to discuss hybrid coaching options! I work with many athletes across the state of Colorado. We meet in person 1-2 times (or as needed) and I develop a program or a plan to help answer questions along the way! I have limited availability (kid schedules!) but would love to continue to help and support local athletes in my community as I can!

This is the BEST of both worlds and I can’t wait to connect with you!

Option 4: Limited In Person Coaching

Please use this form to contact me if you are interested in working with me in person! We meet out of my CrossFit box or home and customize your plan!

Option 5: Group pregnancy & postpartum Fitness foundations program

This program will run 3-4 times throughout the year for 6 week sessions.

Join a group setting where you will find support with other moms. Our focus in learning mindset and strategies like breathing, movement, and how to utilize the pelvic floor and core connection to help manage common issues like diastasis recti, incontinence, and prolapse.

This is not a body back program. This is a rebuild your foundation program that will set you up and not back with education, considerations, and strategies for long term strength and function so you can get back to your fitness of choice- whether that’s CrossFit, Barre, Pilates, boot camp, running, riding horses or just jumping on the trampoline with your kids!

This is an inclusive environment. All pregnant and postpartum women of ANY age or ANY fitness level is welcome. It can be hard to find time for you so to make this happen babies and small children are welcome! There is a kids area with toys and television however we do not provide childcare at this time.

Option 6: In Person Workshops for your CrossFit Box or Gym

Please contact Kate if you are interested in hosting a workshop! Check out my workshop page for more details!

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