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Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop for Female Athletes
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Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop for Female Athletes

Please join us for our latest Core & Pelvic Floor Workshop for Female Athletes on June 1 at Alien Hive CrossFit!

Link to purchase tickets here!

* Do you leak when you cough, sneeze, or laugh? What about lift, jump, or run?
* Have you heard about diastasis recti and are confused about what you should or should not do? Were you only told to make your gap smaller?
* Are you currently pregnant and have been told to "listen to your body" and "keep doing what you've always done" but you're not sure what that means or how or what to listen for in your ever changing body?
* Have you recently been "cleared" at your 6 week postpartum appointment and want to know how you should progressively return back to sport so build long term strength, function, and performance?
* Do you have prolapse and think you're only solution is surgery or living without being able to do the things you love to do?
* Do you just want to learn more?

Women, men, coaches are all encouraged to attend! These topics matter for everyone and don't just affect moms- but women who haven't had children, women who may now be grandmothers, and also men! So come join us and learn more (plus I think Beth and I are kind of fun and the Alien Hive box is amazing!)

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